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As a digital marketing professional, you prefer to act quickly on data insights and turn it into optimisations or new experiments as fast as possible. This speed and agility are key to meeting targets and growing your business. We understand the frustration of CRO specialists and Product Owners, when optimisation tickets can’t be implemented due to a lack of development resources. That’s why we created Smart Tooltips: web form optimisation without development

What are Smart Tooltips?

Smart tooltips: brief microcopy messages beside fields, personalised to users’ actions. These campaigns require no development resources, nudging users toward form completion. Whether offering functional advice (input format) or motivational insights (info purpose), they guide users seamlessly.

Consider scenarios where a user hesitates over formatting: a smart tooltip appears, providing clarity and expediting completion. Alternatively, when faced with personal information requests, a motivational tooltip offers context, fostering trust and confidence.

These examples highlight the power of smart tooltips in optimising form journeys. By leveraging these dynamic messages, businesses enhance user experiences, drive conversions, and unlock digital potential.

Password smart tooltip reduces errors by 35% for INNO

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, every detail matters. INNO, a prestigious luxury retailer based in Belgium, understands the importance of seamless online experiences. However, even the most meticulously designed forms can encounter stumbling blocks that hinder user engagement.

One such challenge arose with the password field on INNO’s ‘create account’ form. Despite clear criteria listed below the field, users were still struggling with errors. Recognizing the need for intervention, INNO turned to the Exatom platform to implement a game-changing solution: a functional smart tooltip.

These dynamic prompts were strategically deployed to trigger as soon as users engaged with the password field. Instead of simply listing criteria, the tooltips provided real-time feedback, guiding users as they typed. The result? A significant reduction in error rates, as validated by an insightful A/B test conducted against a control group.

The numbers speak for themselves: a staggering 35% decrease in error rates. This remarkable success underscores the transformative power of smart tooltips in optimizing form completion processes.

Revolutionizing User Experience: Kia’s Journey with Smart Tooltips increased conversion by 15%

In the competitive automotive industry, every interaction counts. Kia, a brand well known for innovation, understands the importance of optimising online forms to enhance user engagement and drive conversions. However, even the most meticulously designed forms can encounter hurdles that impede the user journey.

Form Analytics and Session Replays unveiled key pain points in Kia’s offer and test-drive request forms. The first challenge? A disjointed user experience, characterised by a mix of horizontal and vertical steps. The second? Unclear progression, caused by dimmed next steps that only became visible upon completion of the current step.

Rather than embarking on a costly redesign, Kia embraced a strategic solution: smart tooltips. Leveraging these dynamic prompts, Kia transformed their form into an intuitive wizard, guiding users seamlessly through each stage of the process.

Picture this: A user lands on the form, hesitates momentarily, and the first tooltip appears. Gently nudging them to select their preferred Kia model. With each subsequent action, a new tooltip emerges, providing clear instructions tailored to the user’s journey. Selecting a model prompts guidance on completing the next step, while choosing a dealership unveils the continuation of the form below the fold.

The result? A streamlined user experience that empowers visitors to navigate the form with confidence and ease. By strategically deploying smart tooltips, Kia not only alleviated user frustration but also maximised conversion potential without the need for extensive redesign efforts. The A/B test proved an uplift of 15% in conversion rate.

This success story exemplifies the transformative impact of form optimization through smart tooltips. Kia’s journey serves as inspiration for brands seeking to elevate their online interactions and set new standards of excellence in the digital realm.

A functional tooltip reduces support emails to 0%

Businesses strive to streamline processes, ensuring seamless interactions with their products or services. However, even the most well-designed systems can encounter stumbling blocks, often due to user oversight or misunderstanding.

Take Track Assistant, for example. Their innovative App simplifies the process of registering business trips for tax or cost reimbursement. With automatic syncing to users’ online accounts, it promises convenience and efficiency. But there was a snag in the system: password resets.

When users reset their passwords, they often neglected to update their login credentials within the App. As a result, their registered trips failed to sync, leading to frustration and a flood of support requests to Track Assistant’s client support department.

Recognizing this pain point, Track Assistant turned to a simple yet ingenious solution: functional tooltips. These tooltips, triggered upon entering the email address during the password reset process, clarified the importance of using the new password to log in to the App.

The impact was immediate and profound. Support requests related to this issue plummeted to zero. Users were empowered with the knowledge they needed to navigate the system effectively, all without the need for additional coding or developer resources.
This success story underscores the power of optimising forms through smart tooltips. By providing users with relevant information at the right moment, businesses can enhance user experience, minimise support overhead, and ultimately drive greater efficiency in their operations. It’s a testament to the transformative potential of user-centric design in the digital age.

Curious how Smart Tooltips can work for you?

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