Yellowgrape parners with Exatom
Press release

Reaching new heights in conversion optimization together: Yellowgrape and Exatom join forces

Amsterdam, February 7th 2024

In the demanding world of e-commerce, finding the right partnerships is crucial. Today, we are pleased to announce a new collaboration that raises the bar for what’s possible in optimizing digital experiences for our customers.

Yellowgrape, the e-commerce agency from Amsterdam and Berlin, and Exatom, the innovators in Form Insights & Activation software, are joining forces.

A new duo in data

Yellowgrape’s clients can now benefit from Exatom’s advanced form analysis, providing insights into user behaviour and conversion killers. This means we can not only identify where customers experience issues or even drop out of the order flow but also pinpoint exactly which form field causes the problem.

With Exatom’s tool integrated into Yellowgrape’s growth strategies, we can now weave an even finer net of data analysis. This enables us to optimise the user experience in ways previously unimaginable. From optimising checkout processes to refining lead generation forms, every step of the customer journey is scrutinised and perfected, resulting in higher conversions.

Case DELTA Fiber

Yellowgrape and Exatom have already proven the starting points of the partnership in their first projects together. With less technical effort, they achieve more insights, fix problems, and achieve higher conversions. One of the customers already benefiting from the new collaboration is DELTA Fiber.

DELTA Fiber offers fibre internet and TV packages, and their order flow is the most critical element on the website. It involves assembling packages, choosing installation moments, and providing important details like the IBAN number – with many opportunities for potential drop-offs.

An example of a complex part of the order flow is determining support by a technician. It was already known that customers struggled with this step, but crucial details were missing. In Exatom, we observed a high ‘hesitation time’ of 54 seconds at a specific decision point. Visitors are required to choose a date themselves, while it has been shown that offering a suggestion for the first available date is a more effective solution. This relatively small change has led to an interesting result.

Detailed insights in a matter of hours

Exatom operates independently of the customer’s (e-commerce, CMS, or headless) technology, and integration is very easily accomplished through Google Tag Manager. The Exatom script automatically reads all form fields and collects valuable data about the impact of auto-fill on errors and corrections by users, for example. This simple setup leads to detailed insights being collected in a short amount of time, enabling Yellowgrape’s CRO consultants to work more targeted and achieve results faster.

A future focused on growth

We see this partnership as an investment in the future. Together, Yellowgrape and Exatom will continue to innovate and develop new ways to improve the online user experience.

We look forward to growing together with our clients.

We are here for you!
Leonie Eckhardt, Yellowgrape & Bart de Fuiter, Exatom