Form analytics

Increase your form conversions.

What are form analytics?

Understand where visitors leave your online form

Form analytics is a tool that measures how users interact with online forms and check-outs. It can help improve the effectiveness of online forms by detecting and solving user friction, increasing leads, conversions, and improving user experience.

Form analytics insights reports

Form analytics

Improve online form completion rates with Exatom

Form analytics can easily help you improve your web forms by 10%. And a 10% improvement in conversion rate equals a 10% increase in revenue, as simple as that. Exatom’s form analytics provide you insights on how your forms are being used and where you can improve them. From form start to web form completion and everything in between. Identify the reason why visitors abandoned your form. And how many visitors tried to submit the form, but failed and why. And do visitors interact differently on forms in different browsers or devices they are using?
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Form improvement

Improvement is all about details

Which field is causing hesitation? What are the drop-off rates of every field and where do visitors drop off most? Discover which fields take too long to fill or get the most error notifications. To optimize your form, it is crucial to understand potential blockers for your visitors. Identify the most problematic fields and remove the hurdles for visitors to successfully submit your form. A 10% conversion improvement is a 10% contribution to your revenue.
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Exatom dashboard online form analytics

Form insights

Complements your existing web analytics

Exatom form and field analytics complement your existing analytics platforms, like Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics, as it starts where regular web analytics tools stop. Exatom is laser-focussed on the form details that other web analytics tools can’t provide. Like interaction & hesitation time per form field. This enables you to make your online forms perform even better. No matter if your online form is designed for lead generation, e-commerce or reviews.
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Google Looker Studio integration

Google Looker Studio is an online solution that gives you better insights into your data

Use our integration with Google Looker Studio to report key Exatom metrics in your own Looker dashboard.
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Google Data Studio integration Exatom

Form metrics

Optimize your complete forms
  • Nr. of form starts
  • Start rate
  • Form hesitation time
  • Nr. of conversions
  • Conversion rate
  • Nr. of submits
  • Nr. of failed submits
  • Nr. of re-submits
  • Nr. of successful re-submits

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Field metrics

Analyze your fields individually
  • Visitor Interactions
  • Interaction time
  • Visitor hesitations
  • Hesitation time
  • Nr. of drop-offs
  • Drop-off rate / abandonment rate
  • Fill-in order
  • Error notifications
  • and more…

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Quick facts

Did you know?


The percentage of users that land on a webform, but never start typing.

The average time that users are hesitating to complete a webform.


The percentage of users that try to submit a web form, but fail.


The percentage of users that use auto-fill to fill in a web form.

Stop revenue leakage on your web forms.

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