About Exatom

The founders of Exatom have used their years of experience in digital marketing, web development and data science to create a new company. A privacy-first company where we want to make a difference with in-depth analytics and web form improvements.

We believe that online forms do not receive the attention they deserve. They are crucial in increasing conversion, but too often conversion goals are only linked to media budgets and not to the quality of the web forms.

Online forms are perhaps the least sexy elements of an online marketer’s job. Yet it is the last step that determines whether your marketing investment, in effort or monetary value, actually turns into sales for your company..

At Exatom, we are convinced that online forms should be constantly optimized and checked. They are important to the marketer. Everyone knows what a 10% improvement in results in conversions can mean. Exatom offers you that possibility without increasing the media budget.

Company info

Exatom BV

Interleuvenlaan 62 bus 49
3001 Leuven
BTW BE 0767.650.080

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