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Make your clients win incremental business by using the Exatom form optimisation platform.

As you help us, we’ll help you as well. When you implement Exatom for your client to generate more conversions, you can offer your client a 15% discount or choose to receive a 15% kickback. And running Exatom on your own website is for free.

Register for your free partner account. Your Partner Manager will contact you for a kick-off meeting and show you how to get the most out of Exatom.

Check all advantages of our partner program

  • For managing multiple websites within a single account
  • Form analytics & field metrics
  • Alert notifications & motivational widgets
  • Self-service
  • Knowledge base support
  • 3hrs helpdesk support during the 1st month (≤ 5 clients active)
  • 5hrs/month helpdesk support (> 5 clients active)
  • Up to 2hrs consultancy during the 1st month (≤ 5 clients active)
  • 4hrs/month consultancy (> 5 clients active)
  • Partner discount of 15% or 15% commission
And Exatom on your agency website will be for free all the time.

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