Webform monitoring

Get alerted to changes in your forms' effectiveness.
Online form performance alerts

Performance alerts

Be notified when your form performance is deviating from past performance

Positively or negatively. A form that’s offline by accident is directly affecting your conversions and revenue. The sooner you are informed about a change in performance, the sooner you can react. Exatom lets you create rules that monitor performance per week, day or even per hour.
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Notification channels

Receive alerts in your preferred channel

In the future, Exatom will provide you the option to receive alerts in your preferred channel, which can alternatively be Slack, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp or SMS, for example. Initially alerts will be sent by email.
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Marketing goals

Don’t miss your goals

Don’t miss your marketing goals by discovering too late that your forms are not performing as they should.
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Form alert notification

Performance alerts

Be notified about your form performance
  • Change in form views
  • Change in form interactions
  • Change in submit attempts
  • Change in hesitation time
  • Change in conversions
  • And much more…

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Performance alert channel

Notification channels

Notifications using your favourite channel
  • Email
  • Slack
  • WhatsApp
  • Trello
  • Text message (SMS)
  • and more…

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Stop revenue leakage on your web forms.

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