Session replays

Uncover web form friction and validate hypotheses in real-time
Session replay

See what yours users see

Fix form issues by watching users’ form fills

Session replay effortlessly uncovers the unexpected, lets you validate hypotheses and fix them fast. Unlock the potential of web form session replays, a game-changer for savvy marketers. These replays offer a real-time, detailed view into form interactions, enabling digital marketers to delve deep into user behavior and identify the pain points of form designs.
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Linked to form analytics

Tight integration with form analytics by one-click redirects

On most platforms, reviewing session replays tends to be a time-intensive task. However, when you use Exatom, this process becomes remarkably efficient. Our integration of form analytics and field metrics directly into session replays allows you to swiftly pinpoint issues within your analytics and seamlessly transition to the pertinent session replays. This harmonizes quantitative analysis with its qualitative counterpart. In a matter of minutes, you can uncover and replicate the obstacles users encounter on your forms.
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session replays with obfuscated personal data

100% Anonymised

No personal identifiable data visible

Exatom prioritizes privacy, adopting a privacy-first approach by obfuscating personal data with dots in each recorded session. You don’t have to expose sensitive information like birthdates to discern user challenges with a date picker or their hesitations in completing specific fields. Our platform ensures data security while delivering insightful user interaction analysis, preserving user privacy and fostering trust in the process.
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Get to the point quickly and share with your team

Don’t waste your valuable time by viewing irrelevant user sessions

Exatom goes the extra mile in enhancing the effectiveness of session replays. We provide automated session recommendations, guided by a distinctive friction score that organizes sessions by relevance. This innovative feature streamlines your workflow, allowing you to swiftly bookmark sessions for future review and add annotations. You can effortlessly share these annotated sessions with stakeholders, even outside the Exatom platform, much like creating a Jira ticket for your development team. Exatom empowers you with a holistic suite of tools for a seamless and collaborative approach to optimizing user experiences.
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session replays with obfuscated personal data

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