Form analytics case study

Form analytics

A digital performance agency in the Netherlands onboarded one of their B2B clients on the Exatom platform early May 2020. Four of their webforms were setup on form analytics to measure the absolute numbers and percentages of form starts, form abandoners, webform submits, failed submits, etc. At the same time, the field metrics were running to provide analytics and insights per web form field.

High number of ‘Failed submit and abandoned’

The Exatom form analytics reporting showed that one of the client’s forms had 37.5% ‘Failed submit and abandoned’. The form in question is a purchase information request form for high ticket value items, with the internal CPL value of €250. In other words, almost two out of five users that completed the form and clicked on submit/send, experienced an error and abandoned the form afterwards. A missed opportunity of 37.5%, or the other way around, the conversion rate could have been almost 50% higher.

The analysis and form optimisation

The Exatom platform provides filters like browser type, device type, country, use of autofill, but as well a filter where you can select all ‘Failed submit and abandoned’. The latter filter was applied and revealed that almost all ‘Failed submit and abandoned’ occurred on mobile. That was especially painful, as almost 60% of their traffic is on this device type. It became even clear that not a single user on mobile was able to resubmit the form successfully after the initial failed submit, which is atypical on online forms.

This initiated research into the technical functionality of the form on mobile. It discovered that this responsive form, showed in an overlay on mobile, disappeared on clicking ‘submit’ when an error occurred on one of the fields (i.e. the phone number was not 10 digits). There was simply no opportunity for the user to see that something went wrong and to be able to correct the field.

Shortly after discovering this fact, it was shared with the client and their developers corrected the form. The form analytics were closely monitored in the two weeks after and showed a radical improvement: the ‘Failed submit and abandoned’ were reduced from 37.5% to 8.7%. This meant that the conversion rate from submits increased from 67.5% to 91.3%. A 35% improvement by using form analytics and insights.

Exatom is a cookieless form analytics platform. Interested to see more? We are happy to provide you a demo!

Form analytics case study before and after