webform optimisation

Webforms deserve more attention from marketers

Webforms are important. It’s an understatement. There are millions of them and after all the years, it’s still the most important source of reliable, first party data for organisations. The majority of the customer acquisitions starts with good leads. And an important part of those leads are generated by webforms.
This process has also many challenges. Form drop-outs, outages and conversion issues create immediate problems with data gathering and data compliance. Also, over 60% of marketers said their customer acquisition costs (CAC) has increased in the past three years ( HubSpot, 2020).

Customer Acquisition Costs

The combination of all of this makes that every submission of a form is mission critical to keep CAC under control. Technology that is giving insights in form completions and alerts on silent form issues, is key important to achieve this goal. Supported by motivational framework technology to improve conversion rates in real time (Case study).

Good performing webforms have a positive impact on the CAC. But there is more. Webforms are facilitating the connection, human connection, on the website. Forms are often, together with all social initiatives, an important linking point between web visitors and the organisation. Non-working forms are often considered as a source of frustration and bad customer experience. It could be a part of the reason – of what Deloitte is calling in their recent Global Marketing trends report, so nicely the “experience debt”. (Source:Amelia Dunlop, Kathleen Peeters, et al. Deloitte Digital Global Marketing Trends 2021)

Focus on webforms

Understanding your visitors on your website, is starting with identify them and giving them possibilities to convert from an unknown web visitor, to a known person/prospect/lead. This conversion point is happening in a webform. By knowing your web visitor, you can easier add a human touch to digital connections. In our rapidly changing digital environment, getting in contact with your digital visitor creates a possibility to avoid the experience debt and give more personalised information for specific questions. All done by webforms. That’s why webforms deserve more attention.