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Identify the leaks on your test-drive request and other lead forms


click ‘request a test-drive’, but never start filling in the form.


of visitors who start filling in the test-drive form, leave before completing it.


of visitors try to submit a test-drive request form, but fail.


of visitors use autofill to fill in fields
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Increase automotive leads with Exatom

Lead generation is a key objective of every automotive website. Therefore, webforms to request a test-drive, an offer or a brochure, are crucial instruments to turn anonymous visitors into known leads. It’s bridging the gap between the online and offline world: the website and the dealership. It’s the all decisive step that determines if your marketing investment turns into revenue. That makes it very painful when web visitors experience friction on your forms and leave. Exatom can easily help you to improve your lead generation numbers significantly. Curious?
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Leadform improvement

Optimisation is all about details

In the automotive industry, optimizing lead forms, like test-drive of financial offer forms, is crucial for boosting conversion rates and maximizing revenue. As the website is the top lead source for your dealerships. To achieve this, it becomes imperative to identify any possible barriers that could lead to hesitation or drop-offs among visitors. Analyze the abandonment rates for each field in the lead form and pinpoint areas where visitors are most likely to abandon the process. Additionally, assess which fields are time-consuming to complete or prone to generating error notifications. By gaining insights into these potential roadblocks and improving the overall user experience, you can streamline the lead form and eliminate any obstacles that might hinder visitors from successfully expressing their interest in your cars and services. Even a slight improvement in conversion rates will yield a substantial impact on your lead volume.
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Exatom dashboard online form analytics

Form session replay

Observe why car buyers don’t have the ultimate experience

In the automotive industry, webform session recordings play a vital role in optimising the online purchasing process. These recordings provide valuable insights into a user’s interaction with the lead forms, capturing essential details such as text input, form autofills, and rage clicks. By analysing these session recordings, automotive businesses can identify potential issues or user experience challenges that might hinder customers from successfully completing their vehicle purchase on the website. Much easier than with tools like Hotjar, as Exatom records all sessions (no sampling) and links them 1-to-1 to the form and field analytics.
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Smart tooltip

Helps visitors to express their car interest

Even highly engaged visitors on your car website are not always able to complete a lead form successfully. Distraction or friction is a risk for drop-offs and not completing the test-drive request, for example. Smart tooltip campaigns is an easy way to nudge a visitor to complete their request. Either with functional or motivational microcopy, depending on their behaviour. Test in A/B against the control group to see which version works best.
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Exatom dashboard online form analytics

No time to do it yourself?

We understand that digital teams of Automotive brands don’t have the bandwidth to do everything themselves. Exatom has an expert team available to do the heavy lifting for you, and deliver actionable insights and recommendations. We will run A/B tests with smart tooltip campaigns to help increase the performance of your lead forms. In just 100 days.

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“Using Exatom helped us to improve the UX and CX from several forms. The results are even higher than expected, which encourage us to search for additional partnerships with Exatom.”

Jean-Phillipe Pottier, Manager Digital Platforms, Kia Germany

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