The origin of the name Exatom

Exatom’s history

Do you know that feeling? When multiple thoughts, events and trends all come together at the right time? That was the feeling we had when we started to conceptualize our future company, Exatom. The trend towards a cookieless future, mixed with our personal web form experiences and a few interesting events led us to the idea of building a company. We checked our idea with digital experts to make sure that our thoughts were accurate. We had to make sure that web form optimization nowadays is still a blind spot in digital marketing. And luckily, we were right. We started focussing on building a platform that gives insights in form analytics, secures performances through a monitoring system, and nudges individual webform visitors when needed.

The idea of building Exatom was born during the COVID pandemic. As a result of this, we as founders haven’t had the chance to meet face-to-face before Exatom existed 1,5 years already. Quite special, isn’t it?

Meaning of Exatom

At one point, we had a clear vision on the concept, but the name of the company was still missing. We spent hours and hours brainstorming about potential names but honestly, we really enjoyed it. We realized that choosing a name is hard, at least harder than we expected it to be. How do people normally come up with a good name? What are important characteristics of a good brand name? So many questions and thoughts were on our mind. We decided that we wanted a short name that resonates well and is related to personalisation, since our core concept is about personalized messages on web forms. We used Google Translate and checked multiple translations of the word ‘personalisation’. The Greek translation was ‘exatomíkefsi’. At first sight, this translation was too long to use as a name, but we decided to shorten it to ‘Exatom’. This looked nice. Our company name was born.

Exatom’s future

After building our brand, our team and some external resources built the beta-version of the cookieless platform in a bit more than a year. After receiving feedback from multiple beta-version clients to improve our business, we went live on July 1st, 2021. Our next step will be improving our web form insights by benchmarking and implementing a technical form score. Besides that, we want to continue experimenting with form abandoner audiences for paid advertising. We are more than ready to enforce our mission; we are Exatom and we make your forms perform better!

Do you want to know more about Exatom or are you interested in our services? Feel free to send us a message. We would love to get in touch with you!

Team Exatom