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Exatom at Emerce Conversion

Exatom will be joining the Emerce Conversion on April 21st this year. Emerce Conversion is a digital marketing event tailored to marketers who are keen to experiment, learn, and are interested in optimizing their website conversions to the next level. The event will be held in Amsterdam and will be attended by e-commerce managers, CRO specialists, digital consultants, website owners and many more interesting visitors.

Why I’m going to speak here?

We at Exatom believe that webforms don’t get all the attention they deserve. Even Google Analytics has forms in their blind spot, even though that’s where the real conversion happens. At the same time, we see websites losing more that 35% of their visitors between landing on, and completing a web form.This can be either a completed check-out, newsletter registration, information request, or anything else. During our presentation at Emerce Conversion, we want to make marketers question themselves whether they should pay more attention to their webforms.

This year, the theme of the event is ‘Culture of experimentation’. Personally, I (Stephan van den Bremer, Co-founder of Exatom) am a huge supporter of the test-and-learn culture. This method encourages new valuable experiences and insights, whether the outcome is positive or not. Without making space for experimentation, failing and learning, we will keep on doing things today in the same way as we did yesterday.

What am I planning to tell?

Exatom is a start-up, and as a start-up, no day goes by without experimenting. We do this for our clients, but also for ourselves, because we want to be in the ‘sweet spot’ of a marketer’s toolkit. During Emerce Conversion, we will partner with Envoker and present insights and experiments with behavioral data in order to make the web forms for Inno.be (A Belgian apparel e-commerce website) perform significantly better.

What are you hoping to learn?

We asked Stephan van den Bremer about his expectations of the event: ‘Exatom was founded less than a year ago and is still in its start-up phase. Emerce Conversion will be the first live event we are going to attend. So in that sense, being part of it is going to be an experiment for us as well. On top of my list of presentations that I would like to attend personally, is the session of Lars Maat. He’ll speak about ‘Online marketing in a cookieless era’. Of course I’m looking forward to receiving feedback from other attendees and learning from other speakers as well.’

Do you want to get in touch with us? Don’t hesitate to send us a message, or see you at Emerce Conversion. We would love to connect!

Team Exatom