Hotjar forms and funnels

Hotjar retired their forms and funnels analytics on the 14th of December 2020. They still provide heatmaps and recordings, but you’ll miss the actionable analytics and insights to improve the performance of your online forms.

Perfect replacement

Exatom is the perfect replacement for your Hotjar forms and funnels. With more detail than you have ever seen. Discover the opportunities to increase your conversation rates by improving your online forms. For example, how many visitors completed your form, clicked on submit but failed to convert? And why? With Exatom you get three modules that deliver conversion growth: form analytics & field metrics, performance alerts and motivational widgets (campaigns that assists your site visitors to complete the form).

Unique features

Some unique features:

  • Clear reporting on form starts, hesitation time, conversions and abandonment.
  • Field metrics presented as a funnel to understand drop-offs, error notifications, auto-fill usage, etc.
  • Insights of failed submits, successful resubmits and failed submits & abandoned.
  • Performance alerts to you receive early warnings when your form is not performing as expected.
  • Aggregating the data when the same form is available on multiple pages.


By the way, Exatom is a cookieless, privacy focussed solution that doesn’t collect any PII data and is set up in a few minutes. Hotjar forms and funnels has gone, but there is a much better alternative now!

Stop revenue leakage on your web forms.

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