Online form conversion optimisation

Online form optimisation with motivational widget

Track Assistant, a provider of car trip registration solutions, recently tested Exatom’s motivational widgets. Using the widget increased the registration form start rate by more than 80%, resulting in 40 percent more conversions.

The client: Track Assistant

Track Assistant is a supplier of car trip registration solutions. Trips are registered with a smartphone App and automatically synced with an online platform for reporting and back-up.

Trip registration with the Track Assistant App can be done manually, semi-automatically or completely automated. The service is offered to individual users as well as to companies that have a fleet of cars. For individual usage or car sharing.

The challenge

The challenge Track Assistant was facing was a low start rate of their registration form. This online form is used to start a free trial for a month. Site visitors enter the registration form page by clicking on the Register button in the top menu.

In March 2021, the start rate of the registration form was less than 28%. This means that less than 3 out of 10 visitors that clicked the register button, actually started to fill in the first field of the form. In other words, Track Assistant was already missing more than 70% of the potential clients here and tested Exatom’s motivational widgets for improvement.

The results

The Exatom platform was used to setup a motivational widget to appeal on trust. It’s a short message next to a field to give a user confidence.

The idea was to provide trust by letting the user know that for a free trial there are no payment details needed and already more than 10.000 customers registered before.

As in this case the issue was related to a low start rate, it made sense to show the message as early as possible. Therefore the trigger ‘Pageview’ was selected, which means that the message was showing just after the page was loaded, next to the first fields.

The results were convincing: the average registration form start rate increased from 28% in March to 51% in April (with activated widget) This higher form start rate let to 40 percent more conversions bottom line.

Track Assistant sees Exatom as the perfect replacement for Hotjar forms and funnels, that stopped end of last year. The motivational widgets were not part of Hotjar’s offering. It’s an additional feature that Exatom provides to Track Assistant and clearly showed it’s value.

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