ClickValue agency partnership announcement
Press release

Conversion optimisation agency ClickValue and form analytics start-up Exatom enter into a partnership.

Amsterdam, June 27, 2023

Leading conversion optimisation agency ClickValue is excited to announce a collaboration with Exatom, the Belgian provider of an advanced cookieless SaaS platform for analysing and optimising website forms to improve online conversions and customer experiences. The partnership combines ClickValue’s expertise and experience in conversion optimisation with Exatom’s powerful technology to help customers increase the usability and conversion of their website forms, such as checkout and lead generation forms.

Conversion optimisation

Many companies face significant challenges when it comes to optimising their website forms to improve conversions and NPS (Net Promoter Score). There is little insight into which form fields lead to errors or friction and where visitors drop off in a form. With Exatom’s software, it is effortless to identify these pain points and make improvements to the forms. In this collaboration, ClickValue’s conversion optimisation consultants can utilise Exatom’s tool with existing and new clients. “This partnership enables us to better serve our clients in optimising their forms and conversion rates,” says Maurice Beerthuyzen, Director at ClickValue. “By combining insights from other quantitative and qualitative research with Exatom’s insights, we are even better equipped to identify optimisation opportunities for our clients and validate these opportunities through A/B testing. Exatom is user-friendly and provides valuable insights quickly. The tool is a great addition to our extensive toolkit that we already use to serve our clients.”

Bart de Fluiter, Director at Exatom, adds: “The fact that the largest CRO agency in the Netherlands is entering into a partnership with us is an important confirmation that we are taking the right steps as a technology partner. But more importantly, it allows us to put Exatom in the hands of these specialists who provide frank feedback and contribute to our product roadmap. Only by continuously innovating can we achieve our ambitions and deliver value for our clients. This collaboration between ClickValue and Exatom is a winning combination of proven expertise and innovative technology.”

About ClickValue

ClickValue is the largest conversion optimisation agency in the Netherlands, with 30 specialists, and was recently voted the best optimisation agency in the Emerce100 by the readers of Emerce. ClickValue helps companies such as Calvin Klein, NY Pizza, Heineken, Polaroid, and Tamaris in setting up and conducting conversion optimisation programs and A/B testing.

About Exatom

Exatom is a Flemish-Dutch software start-up that enables organisations to optimise GDPR-compliant web forms and checkouts. Detailed form analytics, field statistics, and form session recordings can reveal pain points. Smart tooltip campaigns (with A/B testing) help encourage users to complete forms. Exatom’s tooling is used by companies such as Hema, Inno, Brooks Running EMEA, KIA and Toyota.