We predict, create, and optimise e-commerce growth for your business.
Yellowgrape partners with Exatom
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Unique skills of Yellowgrape

How growth explodes

Those who understand the game can predict, control, and propel growth to great heights. That’s what we do. Yellowgrape combines technological and creative ingenuity to achieve rapid growth within e-commerce.

Optimizing in the optimal way: our playground

Optimization is our second nature, and we love it. At Yellowgrape, CRO isn’t an afterthought, but the main act. We combine data with our wealth of experience to achieve quick, visible results. Our approach is a tight balance between research and action, seizing every opportunity to boost your profits to unprecedented heights. Read more

Measuring means knowing

We start by draining all possible data and marketing silos. To the very bottom. These are the building blocks we will transform into crystal-clear insights. Our analyses make it clear how opportunities can be capitalized on. What are the next best actions for your business model? What are the next best channels? This way, we map out the entire funnel and orchestrate opportunities. Data – once organized and interpreted – tends to provide direction at all conceivable levels. For this, we don’t use generic suits, but our own best of breed collection of specialist tools, including Exatom.Read more

Everything comes together in our strategy

Our strategy is a fusion of creative design and data precision, leading to unparalleled conversion optimisation. At Yellowgrape, we transform not just the webshop but the entire customer experience with optimal synergy between all channels.Read more