How to increase conversions in 5 minutes

5 min conversion hack
We all know that the costs of acquiring customers is on the rise. Media budgets are becoming less effective as the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) is going up year after year. This means we, as marketers, need to find more effective ways to boost our conversion rates.

Many of us have been fine-tuning our messages, exploring new channels, adjusting our bid strategies and improving our landing pages. While these efforts are valuable, there is often a piece that gets overlooked: web forms (like a lead form or a check-out form), the final stop for many of our marketing efforts.

Did you know that 70-85% of potential customers who reach your web form or check-out don’t complete it? They are slipping away after nearly finishing the entire marketing funnel.

But here is a straightforward two-step solution that can improve your results dramatically. It’s a quick, stand-out hack for any marketer:

  1. Use a web form analyser
  2. Optimise your web forms based on the insights you gather

This can boost your conversions by up to 70%! It’s really that easy.

No need to explore more marketing channels – again.
No need to increase your ad spend – again
No need to redo your landing pages – again.

Just add our simple script to your website to start understanding how visitors interact with your web forms. Optimise your forms and watch your conversion grow.

  • It works with any CMS, with any form builder, with any webshop platform.
  • Installation just takes 5 minutes.
  • Brands like Kia, Brooks Running and INNO already use it – and love it.