ClickValue is a full service CRO agency
Full-service CRO agency

Unique skills of ClickValue

A great opportunity starts with research

Good research is what sets your CXO program apart! Turning data into insights, and insights into opportunities, is what research is all about. To do this, we are equipped with an array of great research methods, ranging from quantitative analysis to remote usability testing. Helping you to better understand and support your customers is what we set out to do for you, and the ClickValue researchers will help you reach that goal.

Make it shine with a pixel perfect design

Found an interesting opportunity? We’ll design a solution that works for your users. We work with the brand and the users as the starting point and design where the data takes us. Good design helps you answer the questions you have, lets you do what you came to do, and helps you, without having to think about it. Maybe you need a complete redesign, or an optimization of an existing digital product, our design approach, based on data, insights, and tested user needs, can provide you with the right solution swiftly.

Data driven is our motto

After designing, the best possible solution for the identified problem, it is time to actually validate if it works as intended. We’ll select the most suitable validation method to prove that the solution indeed changes customers’ behaviour and your key metrics. Only one test, and then on to the next one? Definitely not! Our validations also provide us with additional datapoints to further tweak and optimize the initial solution. These learnings feed back to the research team and massively increase the optimization results and velocity.

A/B testing

We help you understand the impact of your proposed changes. Showing you what changes are good or bad for your bottom line. We’re familiar with all the tools available and have the experience in-house, here in Amsterdam, to build and conduct client-side testing.