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Identify the leaks on your account registration and deposit forms


of visitors land on the account registration form, but never start typing.


of visitors abandon your account registration form after the starting with their address details.


of visitors try to submit a deposit form, but fail.


of visitors use autofill to fill in fields
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Missed opportunity

Increase registrations with Exatom

Marketing is investing a lot of effort to bring gamers to your platform. Signing up for playing online games should be an easy process. Still, only a few visitors that land on your registration form, complete it successfully, and deposit an amount on their account. A missed opportunity.
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Account registration improvement

Optimisation is all about details

In the online gaming industry, it’s crucial to optimise your account registration, verification, and deposit forms to enhance user conversion rates and revenue. To achieve this, it’s imperative to identify any potential barriers that might cause hesitation or lead to users abandoning the process. Analyze the drop-off rates associated with each form field and identify the points where users are most likely to abandon the registration or deposit process. Moreover, identify fields that are time-consuming to fill or prone to generating errors. By gaining insights into these potential obstacles and addressing UX friction, you can streamline the registration, verification, and deposit processes, eliminating any hurdles that could prevent users from successfully completing these actions. Even a minor improvement in conversion rates can have a significant positive impact on your online gaming revenue.
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Exatom dashboard online form analytics

Form session replay

Observe why visitor don’t end up playing

In the realm of online gaming, alongside form analytics and field metrics, webform session recordings hold significant value. These recordings prove especially invaluable when optimising the processes of account registrations, verification, and deposit forms. By recording a user’s interaction during these processes, capturing clicks, scrolls, and autofill actions, session replays become instrumental in uncovering potential obstacles or instances of user experience (UX) friction that might be hindering players from successfully navigating and completing these essential actions on your gaming platform.
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Smart tooltip

Helps gamers to complete their registration

Setup smart tooltip campaigns to nudge a visitor to complete their registration. Either with functional or motivational microcopy, depending on their behaviour. Test in A/B against the control group to see which version works best.
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Exatom dashboard online form analytics

No time to do it yourself?

We understand that digital teams at operators don’t have the bandwidth to do everything themselves. Exatom has an expert team available to do the heavy lifting for you, and deliver actionable insights and recommendations. We will run A/B tests with smart tooltip campaigns to help increase your account registration, verifications and increase deposits. In just 100 days.

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